A Little About Me

Critter hunter

Hi, my name is Justin Carmack, and I am an addict when it comes to filming new and exciting marine creatures….But let’s back up a little. 

In 2010 I quit school, and began to travel the world. With little money, I did what I could to continue my journey around the globe, whether it be working in a hostel in Estonia for a bed, a bar in Cambodia, or a club in Brazil, I did it all!

I was addicted to travel, and the endless adventures it offered, but also in 2010, I discovered SCUBA diving, my second love. 

From then on I made it my goal to dive the top 100 dive locations in the world, and I built a career around that. I’ve not been home since! 

Fast forward to 2021, and the pandemic has put quite the damper on my world travels. But, lucky for me, I am locked down in one of the best locations in the world for SCUBA diving, and filming rare and interesting critters! So here in Dauin, Philippines in January 2020, Critter Hunter was born. 

Everyday I am amazed about what I am able to find and film under the waves, and it is my goal, that in every episode, I show you a species you’ve probably never seen before! 

I hope by watching my videos, my passion for the marine world can be felt through the screen, and you join me in this incredible journey! 

Welcome to the Critter Squad!

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